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Exploring the folding landscape of leptin: Insights into threading pathways

FB da Silva, JM Simien, RG Viegas, E Haglund, VBP Leite

Journal of Structural Biology 216 (1), 108054


Biophysical characterization of the CXC chemokine receptor 2 ligands

P Martin, EA Kurth, D Budean, N Momplaisir, E Qu, JM Simien, ...

Plos one 19 (4), e0298418


Protein Folding

GE Orellana, E Haglund

American Chemical Society


Topological reaction coordinate captures the folding transition state ensemble in a pierced lasso protein

JK Noel, E Haglund

The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 128 (1), 117-124

The Biological Implications of Threaded Protein Topologies

E Haglund

JSciMed Central 8 (2), 1081

A Small Contribution to a Large System: The Leptin Receptor Complex

JM Simien, GE Orellana, HTN Phan, Y Hu, EA Kurth, C Ruf, F Kricek, Q Wang, AV Smrcka, and E Haglund

Journal of Physical Chemistry B 127 (11), 2457−2465

2023 leptin.png


Topological Twists in Nature

JM Simien, E Haglund

Trends in Biochemical Sciences 46 (6), 461-471



The pierced lasso topology leptin has a bolt on dynamic domain composed by the disordered loops I and III

J Danielsson, JK Noel, JM Simien, BM Duggan, M Oliveberg, JN Onuchic, ...

Journal of Molecular Biology 432 (9), 3050-3063

Screen Shot 2022-06-12 at 11.37.08 AM.png

Pierced-Lasso Topology Discovery


Uncovering the molecular mechanisms behind disease-associated leptin variants

E Haglund, L Nguyen, NP Schafer, H Lammert, PA Jennings, JN Onuchic

Journal of Biological Chemistry 293 (33), 12919-12933


Pierced lasso topology controls function in leptin

E Haglund, A Pilko, R Wollman, PA Jennings, JN Onuchic

The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 121 (4), 706-718




Pierced lasso bundles are a new class of knot-like motifs

E Haglund, JI Sulkowska, JK Noel, H Lammert, JN Onuchic, PA Jennings

PLoS computational biology 10 (6), e1003613


The unique cysteine knot regulates the pleotropic hormone leptin

E Haglund, JI Sułkowska, Z He, GS Feng, PA Jennings, JN Onuchic

Public Library of Science 7 (9), e45654

Other Publications


Constructing a folding model for protein S6 guided by native fluctuations deduced from NMR structures

H Lammert, JK Noel, E Haglund, A Schug, JN Onuchic

The Journal of Chemical Physics 143 (24), 243141

Geometrical frustration in interleukin-33 decouples the dynamics of the functional element from the folding transition state ensemble

KM Fisher, E Haglund, JK Noel, KL Hailey, JN Onuchic, PA Jennings

PLoS One 10 (12), e0144067


Trimming down a protein structure to its bare foldons: spatial organization of the cooperative unit

E Haglund, J Danielsson, S Kadhirvel, MO Lindberg, DT Logan, M Oliveberg

PLoS One. 2012;7(9):e45654. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0045654

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